HANA H2001 GOLD 3CYL SET – Hose Type with Distributor

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HANA H2001 GOLD – 4 Cylinder Single Mount – hose type injector with included distribution rail.

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HANA H2001 GOLD – 3 Cylinder Single Mount (hose type) injector with Distribution Rail (included), 2 Pin AMP Superseal connector, LPG/CNG Injector HANA LPG/CNG Injectors with long life-span (around 500 million cycles) are one of the best on the market.

New HANA injectors – GOLD are designed for easier assembly on any vehicle. HANA GOLD injectors provides a full range of gas flow adjusted by output bras nozzles (HANA OEM supplied).

Nozzles sizes are marked by stripes so there is no place for mistakes. Choose a proper nozzle size or leave us an info regarding HP and number of cylinders.

HANA GOLD Injectors works with following Horse Power:

  • 3 Cylinders: 45~150HP
  • 4 Cylinders: 60~200HP
  • 6 Cylinders: 90~300HP


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