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HANA H2001 Single and Rail Injector

HANA H2001

for passenger cars

HANA H2001 is the smallest HANA injector dedicated for passenger cars. For easy installation exists as a single type injector (hose type, with gas hose attached directly to the injector nozzle) and rail type injector (mounted at aluminium or plastic rails in a group or 2, 3 or 4 injectors).  There are two types of H2001 injectors regarding the gas flow rate: BLUE and GOLD.

  • Single and Rail Mount (2, 3, 4 Cylinder Rails) – Top Feed
  • up to 60HP per Cylinder
  • BLUE and GOLD (with exchangeable nozzles)


NEW convenient injectors rails

HANA H2002 3 Cylinders and 4 Cylinders Rails are based on reliable H2001 technology but are ready to install without any additional accessories. Same as H2001 those injectors has build in two versions, with big flow marked as BLUE (1.3Ohm) and with adjustable flow by exchangeable brass nozzles marked as GOLD (1.9Ohm).

  • 3 and 4 Cylinders Rails – Side Feed
  • up to 60HP per Cylinder
  • BLUE and GOLD (with exchangeable nozzles)
HANA H2002 Rail Injector
HANA H2100 Single and Rail Injector

HANA H2100

Big flow injector for VAN and Heavy Trucks

HANA H2100 range provide high flow rate (224-584 L/min) what makes this HANA injector most versitale, epecially for appliances in high power engines and Heavy Duty Truck engines.  This injector is designed as 12 Volts and 24 Volts and exists in two color versions: GREEN and RED depend on flow rate.

  • Single and Rail Mount – Top Feed
  • up to 200HP per Cylinder
  • GREEN and RED – 12V and 24V version

HANA H2200

for Diesel Engines & OEM applications

HANA H2200 is highly specialized injector dedicated for special solutions. This injector in GREEN version (1Ohm) works on 12bar max pressure and is powered by 24V.

  • highly specialized with top feed
  • highest flow: 437 L/min
  • GREEN (A) version

We will help you to choose proper injectors

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